ReikiThe practice of reiki is used to unclog blocked channels and release the Chi or Life Force of your animal. In doing this, the hope is to restore the balance of the systems.

Reiki is not restricted to helping in just a physical way. It actually approaches the wellbeing of the animal in a holistic way.

Reiki restores harmony and balances your pet. It utilizes energy to achieve physical, emotional, and mental balance. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is happy to assist you and your pet with this process. The positive energy will flow into your pet’s body, and you will have a much more balanced animal.

There are many other benefits of performing reiki on animals. Some of these are preventing injury, restoring functions into joints, improving performance, increasing endurance, and preventing the loss of mobility.

If you have any questions about reiki or are looking to improve your pets’ balance, contact us today at (803) 548-2010.